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2026MAPA Short form narrative forming the groups, choosing the script and picking the roles

Last week we got to read about twenty scripts from professional scriptwriters and mark out favourites ones as for this week we were forming the groups and it was obvious that we were required to know what kind of script would suit us most because some of the scripts were quite easy to visualise but actually to make them into film would be very problematic because of the lack of props, cast, location etc. Although we could adapt the script to make things easier we didn’t think that’s a good idea so we tried to choose a script which would need the smallest amount of changes and suited our taste. So we ended up with the script written by Dominic Carver “Jump” because everyone in our group liked that comedic vibe around this script as the issues in the script is quite serious but it still keeps all the funny aspects which makes it look much more acceptable to the audience, not to mention that we actually had most of the resources to execute this script properly.


After we finally chosen the script as there were few which actually caught our attention we proceed to picking our production roles as I wanted to try out something new because last year mostly in the group projects I were doing everything associated with sounds so I was thinking about camera operator or a second editor unfortunately that didn’t work out as everyone was very uncomfortable working with sound equipment and in the end I just volunteered to be a sound producer/operator and our “Jump” production crew were formed:


Director: Flynn Neal
Producer/camera operator: Nadira Khatun
First assistant director: Krate Wong
Art director: Anmol Tailor
Marketing: Ashleigh Clayton-Goddard
Director of Photography: Hannah Osborne
Editor: Lauren Carnell
Sound operator/producer: Igor Kovalenko
Gaffer: Rachael Bancroft

As for the script itself we had discussion about what we can add to the script from ourselves some kind of signature which actually would show that this film was produces by us but still keep the main idea, after few minor changes script started taking a shape as lines which weren’t important were removed to keep story short (Joalland, 2012)
and fresh of course every change and even the smallest one was discussed with Dominic Carver to not violate his scriptwriter rights, thanks to his advises we didn’t ruin the script because “Without a good script, you cannot make a good film” (Rea and Irving, 2015).

2026MAPA Planning the sound recording

As our short film “Jump” was been planning to be shoot on the quite high building I started thinking what kind of problems I will encounter during filming day, so first thing popped in my head was wind, as higher you are stronger the wind will be making high peak sound noises witch will make audio sound poorly and that what I don’t want to happen to me as I mostly recorded sounds indoors did a research to avoid this possible problem in the future and I founded very simple, useful, practical and interesting tips which few of them I tried out and to my surprise it worked especially “get low down” suggestion from (Gallagher, 2017).

As most of the scenes were on the rooftop I tried to draw some possible positioning with a microphone and visualise how its going to look as rooftop has limited amount space it made things more complicated because at some angles I could not get close to the actors especially with wide shots, so I come up with an idea to make voiceovers.

Sometime later we did location scouting as with office rooftops things didn’t work out because it was a bit too dangerous to film on actual rooftops with 80 meters high and I was kind of disappointed I thought it’s going to be very thrilling also exciting to work on such heights but sadly it didn’t happen. While we were scouting car parks as it was our backup plan I had audio recording equipment with myself to check how would audio sound at car park top and as I was prepared it sounded alright without any wind disturbances.

2026MAPA Jump pre-production

As sound operator/ sound producer during pre-production week, I didn’t have many things to do as equipment was ready together with all other preparations for the sound part so I’ll mention other things which we encountered during pre-production.


Firstly, the locations issues as Leeza was calling and sending emails to the different car parks owners to finally find a location for  our film “Jump” but it didn’t go well, most of the replies were very slow and offering only one hour or even less,  sometimes not replying at all it made us stress out a bit because we never thought that to find a carpark roof will be so hard and irritating, but in the end we got a reply that allowed us to film for few hours all thought it’s not very much but better than nothing. How tragicomically it wouldn’t sound but a few days later we got an email from the same car park owner with which said that he doesn’t want let group students film at carpark roof without a supervisor, if something would go wrong not the only university would responsible for it but also and carpark owner. That brought us to an idea to ask for a help our tutors which they kindly helped us after we got a response from another car park with the support of our tutors we finally settled down with location.


As stressful it sounds with the location it wasn’t easier with casting everything started quite nice we found an actor for Stanton very fast like in few days so we thought that with this part there won’t be any problems but we were so wrong as we couldn’t find an actor for Jean’s later on our potential Stanton couldn’t come at given time because of his personal reasons and that was a very bad surprise for us, not to mention that day by day we were closer and closer to our production week, we still didn’t have actors so as last resort we began looking for paid actors, within a week at last we found our final Stanton and Jean.

2026MAPA “Jump” production

Finally, the day has come the day of production most anticipated day for me as I mentioned before I hadn’t much to do during pre-production weeks so I was very excited and looking forward to it. Our plan was to meet at nine am to have at least an hour for setting up the equipment before actors going to show up, it took me less than that thanks to all preparations and I was ready to go. This time I was using Zoom H6 recorder with analog dial controls for gain on each channel, the colour screen with audio meters in other way you can call it an older brother of Zoom H5, Rode NTG 8 microphone which is perfect for location recording where a signal source is being recorded at a distance in either very hot or cold environments as it not only cuts out surrounding sounds but is also moisture resistant, Rifle microphone it quite good up close and at a distance and helps remove background noises that originate from behind the microphone.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-14 at 19.28.26

We started our first shot with Adrian in a role of Stanton entering the rooftop of the carpark and my goal was to record sounds of the closing door and Stanton footsteps, closing door sound was recorded from inside to minimize surrounding noises to keep it clean, for footstep I extended boom pole to the maximum to get close as possible to the Stanton at the same time trying to keep out from the shot. After few shots one of the worst possible things happened it started raining but we predicted that this might happen so we were prepared and brought umbrellas with us and that actually saved not only our equipment but in overall our filming day, furthermore we didn’t expect that it’s going to be so cold especially in combination with rain  as day passed it was getting colder and colder and at one moment it becomes hard to control my shivering I tried my best not to shake microphone as it might affect the audio recording also boom pole become so cold that it was barely possible to hold after few hours  thank god I brought my gloves with myself that was a life saver.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-14 at 19.22.40

At one moment I encountered a problem there was a shot of Stanton from the right side and the position of the actor was in very awkward place as I couldn’t get close to him with the microphone so I tried everything, get close from all directions and every time microphone was in the shot a second later an idea hit my head if I’ll try to lay on the ground but then I thought again is it worthy to lay on the cold dirty roof of the car park when I’m already freezing and in the end I just did it because you need dedicate all one hundred presents of yourself to you work if not one hundred and twenty.


During recording the audio, I faced a big problem the issue was the noise from roadways near carpark I tried to minimize the noise using recorders setting but I couldn’t remove all of it there were some other ways but it was basically impossible because I would need block all the direction from which noise comes but the thing is noises were coming from three hundred sixty degrees, also I tried to hold microphone closer to the ground to at least try to avoid some of the roadway noises.


Last thing that we at some point fell behind the schedule and we were rushing it as our time was limited at the carpark and that for sure going to affect audio quality because some shot takes were done only in one go and that’s not enough to produce all of the audio in good quality.


Zoom H6: very nice sound reproduction from a handheld device. As a recorded for outdoor projects has an amazing quality of the recordings.  The colorful setup very easy to use and follow the sound frequencies, not to mention that very comfortable to carry.


Rode Ntg8 microphone: a professional broadcast-standard long-barrelled shotgun condenser microphone. The Rode NTG8 is the big brother of the NTG3 and the main difference is the length of the pickup range. The longer barrel of the Rode NTG8 allows for a much more focus pick up area at much longer distances, also he Rode NTG8 is perfect for location recording where a signal source is being recorded at a distance in either very hot or cold environments as it not only cuts out surrounding sounds but is also moisture resistant. Was the main microphone one the set and all dialogues were recorded with him as it helped minimize surrounding noises,



Rode Ntg2: used for film and videos, the Rode NTG-2 is very flexible and mostly can be used in all kinds of situations, but unfortunately couldn’t use it for a long time because was catching very loud roadways noises.


Rode Ntg3: is very similar to Ntg 8 only difference is that it can record sound on lover distance and easier to use as it lighter but in other aspects it’s same.

Sound effects

1.Car indicators

downloaded at royal free sound effects

2.Car door opening

recorded on the set

3.Car door closing

recorded on the set

4.Dress shoe footsteps

Foley sound was produced by spilling sugar on the floor and walked on it.

5.Elevator noise

Was recorded on the set

6.Car keys

recorded on the set

7.Car tires scratching sound

downloaded at royal free and edited

8. Door opening and closing

recorded on the set.

9. Car engine recorded on the set and downloaded form royal free sound effects to have a backup

Extra sound effects

1.  Cucumber crunch

Foley sound was produced by chewing carrot.

2. Pouring tea

Foley sound was produced by pouring water from one cup to another.

3. Holing the driving wheel

Foley sound was produced by squishing bicycle handlebars with the hands while wearing leather gloves.

4. Sound of cup put on the metal surface

Foley sound produced by glass mug slightly hitting am meta plate.

5 . Elevator voice

The sound was downloaded from royal free and then edited to make it sound more like a computer.



Rea, P. and Irving, D. (2015). Producing and directing the short and film video. 5th ed. Routledge, p.4.

Joalland, S. (2012). 7 Rules for Writing Short Films – Raindance. [online] Raindance. Available at:  [Accessed 16 Nov. 2017].

Gallagher, M. (2017). Reducing wind noise. [online] Available at: recordings [Accessed 21 Nov. 2017].


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