2026MAPA Short form narrative forming the groups, choosing the script and picking the roles.

Last week we got to read about twenty scripts from professional scriptwriters and mark out favourites ones as for this week we were forming the groups and it was obvious that we were required to know what kind of script would suit us most because some of the scripts were quite easy to visualise but actually to make them into film would be very problematic because of the lack of props, cast, location etc. Although we could adapt the script to make things easier we didn’t think that’s a good idea so we tried to choose a script which would need the smallest amount of changes and suited our taste. So we ended up with the script written by Dominic Carver “Jump” because everyone in our group liked that comedic vibe around this script as the issues in the script is quite serious but it still keeps all the funny aspects which makes it look much more acceptable to the audience, not to mention that we actually had most of the resources to execute this script properly.


After we finally chosen the script as there were few which actually caught our attention we proceed to picking our production roles as I wanted to try out something new because last year mostly in the group projects I were doing everything associated with sounds so I was thinking about camera operator or a second editor unfortunately that didn’t work out as everyone was very uncomfortable working with sound equipment and in the end I just volunteered to be a sound producer/operator and our “Jump” production crew were formed:


Director: Flynn Neal
Producer/camera operator: Nadira Khatun
First assistant director: Krate Wong
Art director: Anmol Tailor
Marketing: Ashleigh Clayton-Goddard
Director of Photography: Hannah Osborne
Editor: Lauren Carnell
Sound operator/producer: Igor Kovalenko
Gaffer: Rachael Bancroft

As for the script itself we had discussion about what we can add to the script from ourselves some kind of signature which actually would show that this film was produces by us but still keep the main idea, after few minor changes script started taking a shape as lines which weren’t important were removed to keep story short (Joalland, 2012)
and fresh of course every change and even the smallest one was discussed with Dominic Carver to not violate his scriptwriter rights, thanks to his advises we didn’t ruin the script because “Without a good script, you cannot make a good film” (Rea and Irving, 2015).


Rea, P. and Irving, D. (2015). Producing and directing the short and film video. 5th ed. Routledge, p.4.

Joalland, S. (2012). 7 Rules for Writing Short Films – Raindance. [online] Raindance. Available at:  https://www.raindance.org/7-rules-for-writing-short-films/  [Accessed 16 Nov. 2017].


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